Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Fourth in the "Getting Off" series

On Friday I stopped taking my antibiotics and the Samento-Banderol-Teasel combination I'd been on to kill Lyme. Dr. Ross even convinced me to put away the home-made nasal spray I've using to treat my sinus symptoms. (see two posts ago.)

I also cut my supplements down to just my multi-vitamin, some anti-yeast pills, and probiotics. Since then I've slept more than I expected (seven and a half to eight and a half hours each night, plus naps) but my energy during the day has been all over the place. Swimming almost always makes me feel better, so I went Sunday. After I was so fatigued that I broke down and took some glutathione and B vitamins. They helped pretty much immediately, but Monday morning I was lethargic again.

This morning (Tuesday) was my appointment with Dr. Ross to discuss the issue of my low hormone levels and borderline low thyroid function. (My mom said she'd sit in on it, and I'd reminded her about it five times.) When the phone rang at 11:30, it wasn't Dr. Ross but his receptionist telling me Dr. Ross hadn't been able to consult with other doctors about my case yet. My appointment is postponed four more days.

Last Friday, I told myself to be prepared for a rocky transition, so why is this so hard? After all, I'm sleeping enough. Some lethargy during the day shouldn't be so bad, but I seem to have run out of patience with having low energy and no answers about it. Is it because I've dropped my anti-inflammatories? Is it yeast? Is it the adrenal support (Isocort) that I've kept taking? It is just my body going through some metamorphosis while it balances my hormones?

Not having a story to tell yourself about what you're feeling is hard. It's now Tuesday afternoon, seventy-two hours to go until my appointment with Dr. Ross.

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