Saturday, September 10, 2011


About seven weeks since I was diagnosed with a genetic liver disorder and started the Shoemaker protocol for it, things are getting better. Clearly, I have a long way to go on this treatment plan—months more, for sure—but for the past ten days or so, the majority of nights I’ve slept over eight hours. The best my sleep has been in half a year!

The prescription drug Cholestyramine is at the heart of the Shoemaker protocol, and I’m only taking slightly more than half of the full dose it (3 grams 3 times a day, instead of 4 grams 4 times a day). After talking with my naturopath, I am resigned that this is probably all I’m ever going to take. My body just can’t handle more. I’m also giving myself a coffee enema every three days to further detox the liver, and this key. The night before the coffee enema is invariably the night I am short on sleep. I wake up and do the enema, am sure to get enough exercise that day, and I sleep well again for two more nights.

I am also downing liver-detox herbs round the clock. Ditto with magnesium citrate and Perque Potent C Guard (vitamin C powder), in order to keep my bowel moving. I am meditating again, and ratcheting up my relaxation exercises and my deep breathing. Basically, it’s back to 100% focus on my health now, and it’s starting to pay off.