Friday, October 2, 2009


Just back from my appointment with Dr. Martin Ross. I told him how well I am doing on Rocephin and he was genuinely excited for me-- more than I am yet. It was nice to see him laugh and smile, even if I am not quite ready to give in to jubilation.

I did dare to ask him what the end of treatment would look like. I haven't asked this question of him or any other doctor because I haven't yet in all my years of illness come even close to having that be a relevant question, but perhaps now it might be... who knows when but I might very well get there.

Dr. Ross said he keeps treating until patients feel they are 100% better, then continues for two more months to be sure the bugs are beaten down enough that the immune system can take care of them on its own.

And if people never reach 100%? I asked.

He said yes, there are some people who have to accept they have some permanent damage from Lyme. In that case he will keep treating until the patients feel they have reached a plateau, then two months past that. He then switches to a low dose of antimicrobial to help the immune system.

So I will fall into one of two categories. I have decided I will do all that I can to be in the first.

The management of my recovery can really drive me crazy. Just yesterday I had quite a few moments when I felt overcome with despair at the drudgery of my life right now. And now today I was reminded that all the little tasks that try my patience are the most important thing in my life right now.

That means redoubling my patience, sticking to the routine, and especially keeping up the exercise that is building up my strength and my immune system every day.

That said, it's time for my nap.


Lyme is real said...

I so hope you will fall into that first category and that the Rocephin will continue to work for you! Blessings!

heather. said...

so glad you are seeing improvements. :)

can i ask, what kind of exercise(s) do you do and how often?

Naomi said...

Thanks Heather and Lyme is real!

Right now my exercise is still constrained by the tendonitis in my heel. I am waiting to be better before I get back to dancing.

Meanwhile On the Rocephin I am finding more exercise is better. It helps with sleep and everything else, so I do some form of exercise almost every day.

I do power yoga once or twice a week, on other days the stair machine at the gym (30-40 minutes), very low weights for my arms, lots of stretching and sit-ups, or I go for long walks. I can walk three miles easily. Before heparin and antibiotics I couldn't walk three blocks!