Wednesday, October 14, 2009


My mom gave me a membership to the Seattle Art Museum for Christmas and so far this year I have not used it once. This afternoon I made it there for an hour. The Andrew Wyeth exhibit is about to close, which made it easier to push all the things on my to-do list aside and ged down there at last. I would have kicked myself for a long time if I'd missed those paintings.

The curator gave a 20 minute talk about this painting, Brown Swiss. She seemed to know everything about Wyeth, which was interesting enough, but the experience of standing in front of the one painting for 20 minutes made me look and look and look at it, until I was in a state of marvel. The bold shadows across the field, the way he creates the hills with just inferences, the symmetry between the pond and the shadows across the earth. I could go on and on, but here's my favorite thing: at first glance the house's reflection in the pond is the mirror image, but if you keep looking you see how the perspective in the pond is slightly shifted, because the angle of the water's reflection and the angle of the viewer's gaze toward the house is different, of course!

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