Friday, October 23, 2009


This is how you cook a dresser: with heat lamps. It gets the chemical fumes to intensify, which means you are baking them off. (You must read the previous post for this to even begin to make sense.)
In the case of my MALM, the smell is worst inside the drawers, so I am pointing the heat lamp at them one by one. I've been getting a little anxious about a) whether this will work, and b) when will it be over?
The chemicals are saturating the air, so at some level it is working. (My head started to hurt a little even while I was taking this picture.) But will it be enough that eventually I wont mind being in the same room as the dresser? And what about putting my clothes in it? Will they start to smell like chemical fumes as well?
For the past two days I've been staying out of tbe bedroom as much as I can, and sleeping on the couch. I miss my bed! Tonight I will try closing all the drawers, turning down the heat and seeing if I can sleep with the air purifier running.

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