Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I've come to the realization I sleep better if I have had generous amounts of blueberries and acai powder late in the evening. For a while I was worrying that this was creating some sort of trouble with candida or fungus, especially as relates to my sinus infection. Why else would I have such strong cravings for 'sweet' foods? But it's not sugar or honey I crave. It's blueberries, blackberries, hibiscus, and black figs. I also feel wonderfully relaxed and sleepy after I eat them, and last night I felt a sudden clearing in my sinuses after I swallowed huge doses of acai.
This morning I've been thinking about thick blood. I've got all the signs that my blood has been thickening up, especially since I increased my Lyme-killing Teasel, and the last lab tests monitoring my Heparin dose showed it has become less effective over the years-- my body has built up some resistance.
Rather than increase my dose, which brings with it all kinds of worries and complications, today I've been wondering what else I can do to thin my blood. I just read an article on which foods can help. Yes, blueberries help. So do lots of the spices I crave. Suddenly it makes sense that I have on occasion swallowed seven teaspoons of cinnamon, compulsively, before turning in for the night. So many of the foods I cant get enough of turn out to help with blood flow. And there are others I can add in.
In my entirely non-medically trained ruminations, I just might be on an high enough dose of anti-Lyme meds right now. The question left is how I support all the other systems in my body--digestion, liver, bowel, blood, immune--to support those herbs and make them as effective as they can be.
Here is the article I was reading:
(Note that the author, Sandy Simmons, is writing from the opposite point of view: her blood tends to be too thin. Nonetheless, she seems to have done very good research on the foods and vitamins at play. The foods she wants to avoid are the ones I am going to eat more of, since I want my blood to be thinner, not thicker.)


Anonymous said...

There is a Lyme petition at the following address:

The petition will only be up until 2/10/13, and we need 25,000 signatures for the White House to review and respond.

This is the best chance for raising Lyme awareness I have seen, so please spread the word!

Luvmikidz said...

Wow! You're blog has been such a blessing to me. I will continue to read it and learn from your experience.
I'm on week 27 of treatment so I'm sure I'll resort to your info in the future for some great help.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Naomi said...

I hope your treatment goes well and you have a speedy recovery! Stay tuned to Lyme Story as I'm going through some positive changes and hope to write more about them in the coming days.

Sending peace and hope,