Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Some ten days ago I finished my 48 hours of anti-yeast diet. I did not, as far as I can tell, lose more weight, but fear of losing weight if I stayed on it kept me from continuing. The short period without fruit made it clear there is some link between even this low level of sugars going into my body and the constant congestion and feelings of infections I have have in my sinuses, especially the deep passages in my ears. (I am sorry I don't have the correct medical term for that!)

When I brought this up with Dr. Marty Ross in my appointment last week, he changed my Diflucan prescription to Ketoconazole, suspecting that the fungal infection (or should I call it imbalance?) in my body had developed some resistance to the Diflucan. I have also taken a little home-remedy initiative and started taking clove mixed with cayenne pepper in vegetable juice a few times a day.  Clove is supposed to kill microbes, especially fungi. It seems to be doing something to help with the infection. Each time I drink the concoction I feel the blood flow to my ear canals and sinuses, and a hot, tingling sensation, along with small, healing aches and the sensation of draining.

All this brings me back to the question of gut health, digestive bacteria, and other good bacteria that are symbiotic with our bodies.The yeast and the Lyme are tied in. The parasites I got and treated as I was I was coming down with Lyme and after I had full-blown Lyme might also be tied in. The uncounted array of antibiotics I've taken to treat Lyme, and also long before I had Lyme or parasites, might also be tied in.

Yes, these questions were always there, and it's been so long since I learned about probiotics and good gut bacteria that it's hard to recall my way of thinking before that point in time. Still, since my Lyme diagnosis I've mostly been thinking about overcoming Lyme unilaterally, that is by killing it. Since this TED talk I came across a few months ago, I've been thinking not only about getting the bad microbes out, but just as much about how to get good microbes into my body.

More on this subject in upcoming posts!

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