Friday, January 11, 2013


As of yesterday at noon, I am back on the anti-yeast diet. When I did it in 2011, I lost ten pounds. Six months later I went on the Shoemaker protocol, and lost ten more pounds. Six months later I did another round of anti-yeast and lost five pounds.

At that point I wanted to hang a sign around my neck that read "I DON'T HAVE AN EATING DISORDER, I HAVE LYME DISEASE."

Recently, I have been noticing the connection between eating fruit and the congestion coming back into my sinuses. The anti-Lyme herb Teasel has been wonderful at getting at the nastiness I felt buried back in my ears and other corners of my head, but now that I'm on the full dose of Teasel, I am still struggling with that one last remnant of something that's leaving me congested. I suspected yeast, but really didn't want to stop eating fruit again. It's hard enough to maintain my weight as it is. A couple days ago I was eating a tangerine and immediately the infection in my sinuses flared.

(The painting to the right, btw, is by Lucas Cranach, c. 1530.)

So here I am back on anti-yeast. I will only do it for two or three days, because I have no extra five pounds to lose this time. I've been relying heavily on berries, apples, and grapefruit for carbohydrates (I can't eat gluten and on the Shoemaker protocol corn and potatoes have also become difficult to digest) and with the way I was craving fruit last night and even this morning when I woke up, I made the right decision.

"Dorothy Seton-- A Daughter of Eve" 1903 by James McNeill Whistler


Adrianne said...

I came across your blog - I also have Lyme. It's awesome isn't it? BLEGH! Hey, I wanted to make sure that you know you are NOT supposed to eat grapefruit if you are on certain prescription medicines, like antibiotics. It can cause organ failure! Be careful! Hope you are feeling well. Best, Adrianne

Naomi said...

Thanks for the tip, Adrianne. I've stopped eating grapefruit! Good luck to you, hope you get over Lyme soon!