Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It's day 13 of trying to herx as much as possible. It's day 5 on Banderol, meaning I am doing the Banderol + Samento combination, and the Clarithromycin + Diflucan combination. I woke up today feeling very Lyme funky. It was nausea that woke me up, actually. Fatigue built up throughout the morning as I was writing. After a couple hours of slowing-to-a-crawl work, I called it quits and went into detox mode.

And this is what I mean by detox:

Water enema
Coffee enema
Vitamin C
Liver detox drink (Charcoal, Cholestyramine, Bentonite Clay, fiber, veggie juice, cayenne pepper)
Plenty of Magnesium, Quercetin, electrolyes, and 90 % dark chocolate (all this after lunch and long after the Cholestyramine drink)

Lunch was a giant plate of collard greens, raw beets, a little goat cheese. Dessert meant devouring half a lemon, including the rind. My diet isn't always this extreme, but on detox days I go with what I'm craving and it's usually maniacally healthy.

I rested for an hour after lunch, and that meant primarily icing my ear and back of head so the swelling in my lymph nodes will go down (I dozed off for a few minutes in the midde), went swimming at 4:15. It was like swimming with cement arms for the first twenty minutes, so I told myself not to worry about going fast (Ha! As if I could have!). By the second half, it was easy to pick up the pace.

After dinner I felt so normal I didn't even think about how I was feeling.

I've had this ongoing project of making injera-- Ethopian flatbread-- from scratch, including the sourdough starter, with 100% teff, which is the traditional Ethiopian flour. This is not an easy thing to do. Almost all injera Ethopian restaurants is made with refined wheat flour and therefore inedible for me.

I'd already botched the injera twice with dubious recipes I found online. This was my lucky third recipe, lucky third time. I'd started the whole process, with the sourdough fermentation and all, last Wednesday. Tonight was the night to cook it, so after dinner I set to work. I was so preoccupied with whether the sourdough part had worked and if I had thinned the batter enough and how long to cook the bread before putting the lid over the frying pan that and how long to keep the lid on the frying pan that I forgot entirely to think about whether I was herxing.

Just in case you've never felt the fatigue of Lyme disease, it's impossible not to think about the fatigue of Lyme disease unless you aren't actually feeling the fatigue. Trust me. I've got years of experience in this department.

I was so caught up in the beautiful fact that I was actually, successfully making injera, that it took me a full 45 minutes to notice I'd also pulled out of the herx. Completely. So completely that after letting the bread cool, layering it in aluminum foil and storing it in a tupperware in the fridge, I'm now spending twenty minutes writing this post instead of crawling to bed.

So take that, Lyme disease!

Now it truly is time for bed. In half an hour I'll have swallowed my next round of Lyme meds and be lying down to sleep. By morning I'll be back in the Kung Fu fight. I'm almost looking forward to it.

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