Thursday, May 17, 2012


In the last twenty-four hours I increased my Samento by 4 drops, took the full dose of Diflucan at the same time as my a.m. Clarythromicyn because in combination the meds hit me harder, and I even took a 1/4 pill extra Diflucan. (Because I'd kept myself at a half dose for the first week, I have a few pills left over from this months' supply and I decide to put them to good use. And NO, I did not OK this with Dr. Ross, so he has absolutely no responsibility for my decision.)

I actually slept a little longer and harder than most days this past week. By the afternoon my legs felt pretty heavy-- perhaps the start of a herx. I went swimming for my usual forty minutes all the same. I didn't push myself to go fast, but by the end I had the energy to do a few laps at a quick pace.

As I'm going to bed, I can feel big changes in my sinuses, back inside the ear where the infection has been hanging on, impossible to kick. Now it's feeling as if things just might be loosening up there. I'm goind to stay on this illicit, slightly higher dose of Diflucan for a few more days to see if I can kick the sinus infection once and for all.


Laurie is in the house! The house of Lyme, that is. My friend Laurie was in agony for years with a nightmare fibromyalgia diagnosis-- debilitating pain and migraines round the clock with no hope for recovery. Dr. Marty Ross just ran her Western Blot and it came back positive! You go girl! She's already on meds and herxing, but it's good to have some test results that say for sure she has Lyme, fair and square. She can now give fibromyalgia the raspberry. Here's to Laurie, and to a good, strong recovery and the end of pain!

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