Monday, November 24, 2008

Surpise Visitor

It is 11:30 and I've brushed my teeth and taken all my bedtime supplements. The Poet is the bedroom asleep, and in our tiny guestroom is his seven-year-old son, David. David usually lives in Atlanta and we don't get to see him enough, so this is a very happy event. We bought his ticket yesterday, when we realized it could be done for no more than if we'd organized it months ago (one upside to the economic turmoil, I suppose).

Ten days ago I was assuming we'd have a very quiet Thanksgiving with just the two of us. Now we have a full house on Thursday, plus David all week long. I am thrilled. Thanksgiving, especially, is the time of year to have friends and family around.

I will be in charge of David all day tomorrow and Wednesday, while The Poet is at work. We've agreed I can sleep until 9, so I can get the precious morning sleep my body needs in order to function. The rest of the day is going to be a bit of a stretch for me-- no time to keep meditate or think about how my toes feel, and I'm not sure what we'll do for the afternoon nap-- I may make David take one, too.

At one point today I felt nervous about whether I'll hold up tomorrow, but now I've decided to take the next few days as a test of how much better I am. Can I handle this without being wiped out at the end of the day? Maybe. The fact that I'm even saying maybe is a huge improvement from where I was a year ago.

OK, off to bed so I can function tomorrow.

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Joe said...

Hi Naomi,

Thanks for your comments on my blog. On tough days your encouraging words are really appreciated.

I hope you have enough energy to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. But as you say, even if you "fail the test", just being in a position to try is a big improvement in itself.

[raising cup of tea...] Here's to happy holidays and complete recovery!