Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Since I have four different doctors, including naturopath, gynecologist, and Dr. B who prescribes my heparin, I spent most of Monday and part of yesterday calling and talking to doctors or their staff to be sure that this irregular menstrual cycle was not a cause for alarm. I have been assured that this often happens for no apparent reason, and was relieved when the naturopath and Dr. B told me the blood thinner heparin is not causing extra menstrual bleeding, nor would any of the supplements I am taking set it off, according to the naturopath.

As of now the second cycle has come to an end, so perhaps that was all there was to it, just a few days of my hormones following their own calendar, for whatever reason. It seems that not everything unusual that happens in my body is a disaster, nor is it caused by Lyme Disease. As of today, I am no longer worried.

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