Thursday, July 4, 2013


(I wish I knew who did this illustration, so I could give credit!)

It has been three weeks since I found a tick had bitten me, apparently while or right after I was swing dancing in urban Washington DC. The next day I FedExed the tick to Igenex, Lyme medical labs extraordinaire, to be tested for Lyme and other diseases. I started taking antibiotics immediately, and thought I'd hear back from Igenex in one week's time.

But as of this moment, there's still no word. The receptionists at Igenex (I've now called several times) have told me it may take up to three weeks, and taking into consideration that today is July 4th, Monday July 8th is the most likely day I'll get my results.

Meanwhile, the doxycycline and biaxin Dr. Marty Ross prescribed have put me right back into the dark heart of Lyme disease-- fatigue, stiffness, psychological misery, and brain fog. Samsara, Sartre, Sisyphus, the works. All this could be die-off from the Lyme germ that took up residence in my body some fourteen years ago. Or it could be the result of killing off the new infection. Without the lab results, there's no way to know.

Four weeks on antibiotics is the most conservative approach to prevention after a tick bite. Much as I'd like to be in a happier place, I decided yesterday in my appointment with Dr. Ross that I'd keep taking the antibiotics, given the lack of information. Even if the Igenex results come back negative, I'll have no regrets. This isn't the time to take chances.

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