Sunday, July 7, 2013


Igenex Labs called on Friday to say the tick that bit me three weeks ago was negative for diseases. Or at least, negative for all the diseases Igenex tests for, to the best of its ability. The last three weeks sent me on a weird psychological journey, and it took more than twenty-four hours for me to start to feel I could trust these results.
Science is at best shaky, at worst utterly unreliable, or so my experience has gone over the last fifteen years. Not mention how for these last three weeks the universe seemed like one gargantuan tar baby. And now, maybe not. At any rate, I stopped my antibiotics. I am packing to return to Seattle, where there are fewer ticks, and less Lyme disease. And I'm feeling some physical relief to be off pharmaceuticals-- I can now carry on a conversation before 12 noon, and when I dance my brain and legs are able to communicate with each other. 
Nevertheless, any illusion I once had of safety has been stripped away. Where does that leave me? Be happy when I get the chance. Last night, I stayed out tangoing a couple hours longer than I'd planned. I'll have to just declare that something to dance about.

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This is awesome!