Sunday, December 2, 2012


Wow-- my last post was August 8. I have been woefully neglecting the blog while I worked hard on the 5th draft of my memoir and searched for an editor to help me get it ready to send to publishers. I'm glad to say I found a top-notch editor who hand picks her clients. I will be paying a small fortune to work with her but somehow it seems like I'm the one who won the lottery. Getting the book published is still a long shot, but with Marjorie working with me I know I'll have the best of all possible chances. So last week I finished draft 5. I will send it to Marjorie soon and she will read it in January. So can now get back to the blog. I'm sure the universe is wailing away for more tales of my battle with Lyme! More posts coming up, on this same bat channel.

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