Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I just picked up the New Yorker and read a paragraph about a man in Burma who was released from prison January 12th. He had been a literature major in college (like me), when in 1998 he was arrested for taking part in a demonstration. He'd been in prison since then.

1998 to 2012, I thought. How many years is that? Then I realized it's an easy number for me to calculate. 1998 was the year my health fell apart, the year I was forced to stop working as walking got harder and harder until I could barely leave the house. Since then I've been on an Odessey of diagnosis and recovery. Little of it has been easy.

And yet I have not been in a jail, beaten, starved, cut off from friends and family.

A humbling moment.


Anonymous said...

8Are you still struggling with Lyme? My 14 year old daughter and I have been ill for quite some time with lyme and co-infections more than likely the cause. You have mentioned a MD and an ND in the Seattle area. Would you still recommend the MD? The nd is no longer taking new patients and I am questioning the ability of the person I am seeing since my daughter and I are worse and we haven't even started antibiotics yet. Ant help would be appreciated.

Naomi said...

Hi Nancy:

I am so sorry to read you and your daughter are sick! You have my sympathy. It's rough.

I've been neglecting my blog so I can finish my memoir, so things aren't up to date here. My apologies.

Yes, I am still fighting Lyme, and I would still recommend my MD, Dr. Marty Ross. He is a remarkable doctor, but Lyme can be very difficult to treat. It is often the case that you feel worse before you feel better, unfortunately.

Dr. Ross got me from only being able to walk 4 blocks to running 4 miles several times a week. From no writing at all to several short stories published and in the finishing stages of a book. The treatment at times feels insane, particularly the naturopathic part, and I also am very grateful for it.

Hope this helps! If you need more information from me, or want to talk, email me at noelleadams(at)