Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Well, the blog has been getting quite a few comments lately, causing me to realize it's been two months since I posted. So here's a quick update:

1. I am done with the Rocephin injection! Hooray!!! Many thanks to the Poet who gave me the injection for nine of the 11 + months, even when it was more of a pain in his ass than in mine to do it for me. And thanks to my Mom, who did it for two and a half months and was tortured by it every time.

Also thanks to Abby, Samer, Nina and Ben, my casual encounters (so to speak).

OK, end of Oscar speech.
2. I got over the virus I mentioned in the last post, but it took a long month to do it. Have been back at normal speed since the end of March.

3. I am now on Omnicef, Clarithromycin and grapefruit seed extract, which feels like a dream compared to the last antibiotic combination I was on. Still taking tons of supplements, and giving myself Heparin injections, and must take a nap every afternoon. It also feels like I'm on the last lap of my treatment. Just one more year to go?

4. Progress: I am now dancing, riding my bike instead of driving, and running about three miles three times a week. Thanks to my amazing myofascial release therapist, the tendonitis is in the past. I've been taking Samba classes since February, and on June 19th I will be in the Fremont Soltice Parade with Samba dancers. Hooray!