Monday, May 24, 2010

Do I really need to take an afternoon nap?

For the past ten years, the afternoon nap has been sacred. I cannot function without it, and the few days here and there when I was forced to skip it did not come out well, not at all.

A nap is a good thing. My naturopath tells me a short nap can be equivalent to three extra hours of sleep. I always wake up feeling refreshed, even I'm asleep for just five minutes. I also have to plan my day around this. Between the hours of one and three, I can't just be out anywhere without a bed handy.

But yesterday, I postponed my nap to work on the float for the parade. Everyone in the dance group is supposed to pitch in, and 1pm was the only time I had. I ate lunch and forced myself out the door, feeling a little groggy. By the time I was at the float construction station, five minutes later, I had a spring in my step.

It was a beautiful day. I worked energetically for an hour, then helped everyone clean up and walked back home, feeling strong and alert.

"Boy, I don't need a nap at all," I thought to myself. I took my antibiotics, which I usually take right after lunch, and I immediately started to feel sleepy. I lay down and slept for an hour.

And again today, I walked over the library after lunch to pick up some books, and didn't feel sleepy at all. I have yet to take my antibiotics, but when I do, I'll probably need my nap.

So am I safe to conclude that if it weren't for the antibiotics, I might get by without a nap?

Perhaps the point is moot, since I am, in fact, taking antibiotics right now. It gives me hope, however, that someday I won't need the antibiotics or the nap, which means I could do things-- like say, hold down a job, or go to an all-day dance workshop, or go to an all-day anything. It just might happen.
(This picture, "Sleeping Woman in Blue", is by Konstantin Somow.)


joven said...

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Rita said...

Although the doctors deny it, I have always found that I am always tired when I take anti-biotics.

Naomi said...

I couldn't agree more, Rita! Thanks for your comment. (I'm always glad to know someone is reading this!)

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