Friday, February 26, 2010


So much for my idea that I could just coast from here to the finish line. A couple weeks ago I came down with what I thought was a virus, haven't been out dancing or done much of anything since. To add to it, the Poet and I got in a fight, partly due to some things I said when I was sick and crabby, which led to one of our bi-annual breaks-ups.
During this process we decide to end our relationship, and only after that do we stop shouting and listen to each other. After about two hours of this improved communication, we decide we would be happier if we stayed together. Generally the next day flowers are bought and we return to a state of relative sweetness and bliss.
Having gone through that on the weekend, and got out at last for a long walk with friends on Sunday, I thought I was over the worst of the virus. Instead it's been malingering, coming back full force today after I ventured out dancing last night.
Now I'm starting to wonder if it's some weird kind of herx, a reaction to increasing my heparin to the full dose as I increased my exercise, or perhaps the Rocephin losing its effectiveness over time. Anyway, I feel pretty crappy.

I'll be going to the naturopath on Monday to try to sort it out, and on Tuesday I have an appointment with Dr. Ross. It might be time to change up my antibiotics once again.

Whatever it is, I've been sleeping peacefully through it all. I send my thanks to Hypnos, the god of sleep, that wacky guy with the wings sticking out of his head!