Saturday, February 20, 2010


Here's to my cousin, Stephen, who has ridden his bicycle around the world to prove to himself and, well-- the world, that he could do it despite the fact that he has epilepsy. (That is not my cousin in the photo.)

He is giving a presentation at the Wilkinson Public Library in Telluride, CO this coming Wednesday at 6pm, just in case there's someone out there reading this who might be in the vicinity.
I've been meaning to put a link to Stephen's webpage, Seize The World, for some time-- about two months, in fact. Which shows how self-absorbed I've been lately.
Stephen came through Seattle with his bike in December. He'd just gotten off the plane from Japan (no, he didn't ride across the wetter parts of the world) and was about to head down through Oregon and across Idaho on his way back to his original starting point in Colorado.
Since I last saw him, he's been out on his bike every day, pedaling into winter winds and sleeping in a tent at night. Meanwhile I've been inside heated rooms, worrying about word counts and whether I'm taking my pills at the right time. Makes my own health stuff seem pretty wimpy!

I'm glad you've completed your trek, Stephen. You are one tough cookie! You're way cooler than the cool dude in the photo and you don't even have a moustache! (Thank god!)

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Naomi said...


Here's the comment our intrepid biker left for me on facebook, I'm posting it here for all to read.

I initially tried to make this comment on your blog, but my computer's acting up so I will make it here - thanks for posting the story, and here's the comment! Actually that is me in the photo - the picture was taken shortly before my arrival in Telluride. I look much older now since leaving Seattle...the miles have not treated me well. Or perhaps they have depending on your point of view. I am amazed that you found that picture.I look forward to seeing you again, either in Seattle, or Colorado, or anywhere else! You will have a place to stay and a warm reception! I hope that all's well out there! Stephen