Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have turned over a new leaf this past week, getting up on the early side and going to the gym before my appointments. (This isn't that early, mind you. On my first day I was greeted by Molly, my cheery yoga instructor, with, "What are you doing here mid-morning?" So much for my idea of the crack of dawn!)

This usually puts me on the stair master about 30 minutes after the Poet has given me my Rocephin injection, and soon after my morning Minocycline so I imagine I am pumping the medicine through all the hard-to-reach tissues of my body. Sometimes my body feels a little heavy-herxy while I'm going up the moving stairs, but it doesn't slow me down.

It's really nice to get the jump start to my system, and also to have my exercise over for the day. The thing I like best, however, is that for the rest of the day I have none of the fuzzy-headed feeling I've been experiencing when I try to write.

Today, however, I slept an extra hour, skipped the gym, and went off to meet
my writing buddy Brian at the all-raw-vegan-vegetarian-not-even-eggs-in-site Chaco Canyon Cafe. (Since Brian has trouble getting himself to sit down just write his book, we meet once a week at a cafe with our laptops and write). And there was the brain fog again. I forced myself to work through it, but I realized I'd been feeling a little slow and sleepy every since the Minocyclene at breakfast.

So my plan from now on is to take Mino with breakfast if I am heading to the gym right away. Otherwise, I'll put it off until lunch, which is always followed by a nap, and see if my brain has an easier time functioning this way.

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