Tuesday, September 22, 2009


When I started this blog, I imagined I would write things in real time. The problem with this idea is that real time is happening in real time. When David visits, I am face to face with my limitations, and also the breakthroughs I’ve had since his last visit, and I want to write it all down, but there isn’t a moment to make it to the computer. Likewise for so many days and moments, and this has been my pet frustration as I slowly, steadily recover from this terrible illness: not enough time to write. Days are still full of the hassle of being sick and having to constantly take care of my body, even as I have more strength and feel better throughout it all.

In DC Last week, amidst a few days of nausea, a weekend trip to dear friend's and packing my small personal pharmacy to head back to Seattle, I managed to do something I’ve been postponing for a long time: put together the two quilts I have been working on. This requires floor space. That is, somewhere besides my tiny apartment, so I got it done during the stay at my parents’. I asked my mom to take a picture, and haven’t had a chance to post it until now.

I highly recommend anyone who is sick take up some kind of craft activity. Quilting was great for me because I could do it in bed during the long dark years when I spent most of my time there. It was the one thing I could count on to keep me calm and happy, no matter how bad things got. Now it still brings a sense of solace and accomplishment to stitch for half an hour before I go to bed, especially after a long hectic day of appointments and sorting out miscommunications between doctor’s offices and pharmacies.

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