Tuesday, July 21, 2009


If you have any doubt about where all the money that should have gone to cover your antibiotics and doctor's visits went, read here.

It turns out that Max Baucus, Democratic Senator from Montana and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has been accepting campaign contributions from BlueCross BlueShield, the same people I was on the phone with last week, the same people who have been denying my health care coverage for years, not to mention throwing out my claims forms, etc, etc.

This company does not operate in Montana, and has no business giving this guy money except to encourage him to prevent meaningful health care reform from happening.

I just called his office and told them I think Mr. Baucus should support meaningful health care reform with a public option. The receptionist said thank you, he would pass the message along.

It's not much, but it's at least something. Let's call in and let him know sick people from across the country want him to do something to help them!

Here's the number: 202-224-2651

BlueCross Blue Shield and all the other insurance companies have all the money they've skinned off of us, and they have used it to dole out $3 million to Max Baucus over five years. (It truly pisses me off!) The system is corrupt, we all know that. But let's call anyway. Obama is putting everything he's got into this, let's show what support we can!

Call your representative, call you Senator, and for goodness sake, call Max Baucus, because chances are good he's accepted money from your insurance company, too! The deck is stacked against us, but if health reform doesn't go through, do you want to have to accept that knowing you didn't even call???

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