Thursday, July 2, 2009


Phew. Yesterday was insane. After writing the last post I drank down some Vitamin C in hopes of cleaning out my system. Made myself more nauseated instead. I got dressed and got in the car for a previously scheduled doctor's appointment. I felt worse and worse as I drove, and was quite sure I shouldn't be on the road. My teeth were chattering from the nausea and pain as I pulled up to the office-- so much for assuming I'd be better soon.

I actually didn't know nausea could be that excrutiating. In the past nausea has just been nausea, if it got worse it was only until you threw up. But in this case I wasn't nauseous because of anything in my stomach, so it just ricocheted around my body until I felt every second like I was about to explode. That lasted around an hour.

Dr. Ross suggested extra magnesium to get calm down the muscle spasm in my head, and agreed that it was probably related to die-off and an extra-long session of myo-fascial release that had increased the circulation to my head. He suggested a glutathione IV if the nausea didn't improve.

I had texted The Poet on my way into the appointment, and when I walked out he was already in the waiting room, ready to drive me home. Hooray for The Poet, my hero! He is keeping the streets of Seattle safe from half-blind, nauseated drivers.

At home I forced myself to swallow down chlorella and magnesium glycinate, then figured out that if I lay on the couch without moving a muscle the nausea disappeared. I fell asleep.

When I woke up I called Jeanette, who does a relaxation/nervous system therapy called SRT. We did a session over the phone, and at the end of the hour the nauseau was about 25% of what it had been, much to my relief. I was well enough to get David from camp and drive us both home. Normally we don't watch much TV, but yesterday we saw the whole baseball game and the second half of Star Wars Episode IV and everyone went to bed early. I woke up feeling much, much better.

P.S. Had an appointment with Amy Derksen today. She thought the episode was set off by the visiting doctor who increased one of my supplements (P5P) a couple weeks ago. This caused me to detox heavy metals a little too quickly. The chlorella and the magnesium were the right things to take, and I have dropped the P5P for the time being.

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