Thursday, March 5, 2009


Here's a list of my current prescription medications:

Bicillin (Penecillin injection) 3x per week
Diflucan 1x per day
Azythromycin/ Zithromax 1x per day
Heparin injection or sublingually 2x per day
At the moment my body is demanding two naps per day, which I am happy to do. The more sleep, the better!

For the past two months I've had tendonitis in my achilles tendons, primarily the right one. This started while I was dancing, but there was no particular incident that set it off. It hurt a little, then a little more, until I just couldn't dance anymore. I stupidly tried to dance on it a few days later and made it worse. I have since cut out all dancing and long walks, I've been icing it up to four times a day, and even used a far-infra-red light to stimulate healing, but it just won't get bettter.
According to my naturopath, Amy Derksen, I had a small injury or stress there, and Lyme disease swooped in and is now preventing the tendon from healing. The zythromax is supposed to help, but after an optimistic ride on an exercise bike, my heel hurts again.
Has anyone out there been through something similar? Let me know what might help!

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