Wednesday, March 18, 2009


In the last couple months I have spoken with three women who have just been diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Only one clearly recognized that this was a good thing. Her symptoms have been relatively mild (she is still able to work) but she has seen enough of Lyme in others to know getting diagnosed before her health has completely deteriorated is a blessing. Realizing she’s dodged a bullet, she is charging ahead with her treatment.

The other two, who have been sick for many years, greeted the news with more pessimism, skepticism, and even panic. This is understandable—Lyme is a difficult diagnosis to accept.

Diagnosis is the first step to recovery, and for people who have been in pain for years it should be welcome news. We all know, however, that it’s not that easy. With treatment so long, difficult and expensive, it is easy to feel discouraged before even beginning the recovery process.

For all these women, I wished I were a better example of unequivocal success—but I’m not there yet. After a year and a half of antibiotics, I am much, much better. There is no question for me that I made the right decision when I started the pharmaceuticals: it has changed and will continue to change my life. On the other hand, I am still sick, still injecting myself daily with heparin and penicillin, far from gainfully employed, and going through one particularly frustrating setback at the moment. So I can't just say, yes dedicate the next three years of your life to taking antibiotics—you’ll love it!!!

But here is someone who perhaps can. As of today, I am adding Lymie Lisa to my links page. She has recovered completely—or infinitesimally close to completely—from Lyme. She has a full time job. She travels, she acts in plays, cooks, baby-sits, decorates her house, takes beautiful photographs—in short, leads a full, busy life that anyone who hadn't been ill might lead.

I have linked to her posts about Lyme. You might want to scroll down to the very bottom, to her earliest post, as it is very encouraging. You might also want to read the other posts about her current, very creative, healthy life.

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