Saturday, February 7, 2009


The work on the house is slowly winding down, and my thoughts have been turning back to this blog over the last few days. I've missed it. I've missed many things as I've been busier in the past two months than I'd counted on or have chosen, but I am grateful that I've made it through.

I have a feeling that once the house is completely done, I will find myself with more energy and time in my day than before this all started. Right now it feels like I never have enough of either to get through my to-do list, which has a knack for growing longer even as I cross things off the top.

The end is in sight, however, and I thought I would write this as my official declaration that once again I will have time to tend to my body and soul, and once again I will be posting here on a regular basis.

I'm glad to see Joe is back on his meds, and also that others whose blogs I follow are making it through the winter, alive and kicking.

I wanted to end with a link to a really good article I read recently on antibiotic resistance--something everyone should be concerned about, especially those of us undergoing treatment for chronic lyme. It's important to respect these precious drugs and use them safely, so that we can continue to benefit from them when it's necessary, and at the same time avoid the dangers of overuse when they're not necessary.

The article also contains one more compelling reason to stick with organic food. If I had any doubt before if those organic apples were worth the price, I don't now.

Here it is.

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