Thursday, December 4, 2008


1 lb green beans
2 pieces canadian bacon or thick cut ham
1 wedge crumbly, easily meltable cheese, such as blue cheese
1 cup walnut halves
cooking oil (olive)

Trim the green beans and steam them for 3-4 minutes only-- just until crunchy and still bright green. Take off the burner and set aside.

Toast the walnuts and set aside.

Cut the ham into thin strips and brown on both sides in a skillet with a small amount of cooking oil. Remove ham from skillet and drain on paper bag. Keep the skillet warm.

Put the green beans to the skillet and saute for just a few minutes until they are warm. Break the cheese into small pieces and add to beans. Keep stirring until it is at the point of melting.

Place the ham strips on serving plate, layer the green beans and cheese on top, and cover with toasted walnuts and fresh ground black pepper. Serves 4.

This is what I did with the green beans left over from Thanksgiving. What a treat!
(I modified this recipe from The Silver Palate Basics Cookbook.)


Chronic Triathlete said...

Sounds tasty!

Hey... Joe at directed me to your blog. I'm a Lymie as well and have a blog too

I was asking him about Bacillin shots and he suggested I talk to you as he's not done them. Would you be cool with emailing a bit about your experiences? Get in touch if you are.

Hope today is a good day for you.

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Chronic Triathlete said...

Sorry... forgot my email.