Monday, December 8, 2008


When I've tried running before, months ago, it was just in circles around the house in case I got tired, and I took lots of breaks. Today I went for a real run. I ran 80% of the time, and walked when my legs felt a little heavy (mostly halfway up the hills).

I started the timer when I left the house. When I got back, it read 27 minutes! I did some sit ups and then jogged and walked another 10 minutes up and down our block.

It's four hours later now and I'm feeling fine. I'm off to bed.


Chronic Triathlete said...

Just to add to my previous comments in your latest post about running...

I find that I'm fine the day of and even most of the day after a particularly vigorous exercise session. It's the 2nd day after that I start to feel it. I don't know why, but that's what happens.

I did a particularly challenging bike ride on Saturday and felt fine until Sunday night. That's when I started to feel really, really tired. Yesterday (Monday) was a total drag and today is a little sluggish.

Good luck!

Naomi said...

That is interesting. If it's a die-off reaction then you probably don't mind. I was pretty tired later in the week after my jog, but I assumed it was from the night of so little sleep.

The business of exercising with Lyme disease is pretty tricky, you seem to have come to my blog at an opportune moment. Thanks!