Sunday, January 15, 2012


The last few days have been simple and sweet. I've just been doing whatever my body needs, whenever it needs it. I've slept enough every night, had patience with detoxing, energy for exercising, and a few hours in between for writing. One of the best parts about writing again is while I'm doing all my detox tasks, my mind wanders around in my stories, thinking about my characters or how I should revise a sentence. So much more fun than ruminating on which supplements I've taken.

The Poet and I have been trying to have a meal together, but it gets difficult while I'm on the Shoemaker protocol. So many times I end up eating dinner at 9 at night because the cholestyramine, my naps and exercise push my eating schedule later and later. Finally yesterday we agreed to stop trying. "We're good," we said, "we're spending time together anyway."

The first snow of the winter was today. I went for my usual four mile run, grateful I could run again after so many years of illness, and enjoy the big, wet flakes stinging my cheeks and covering the ground like powdered sugar. My book group was cancelled, so the Poet and I ended up having dinner together. We managed, at last, to be hungry at the same time. He cooked simple vegetables and fish-- it was lovely. And now I've found this wonderful illustrator, Jackie Morris. The picture of the woman and the bear sleeping is hers.


Anonymous said...

Your story could in so many ways be my own! Thankyou for all you have shared here, and for the info about a new test? I'd like to look into this.
I also have Lyme and I am a creative person - writer, artist, musician. I find that I become bogged down by all the things I have to do to care for myself also, and don't get around to being creative where I want to be. Constant strategizing on supplement and drug taking to battle this disease is not the kind of creativity that feeds my soul.
Your experience with meditation is also very encouraging, and I am hoping to see some benefit from it myself.


Naomi said...

A kindred spirit!

You don't know how wistfully happy I was to read your comment. Happy there is someone out there my blog has inspired and who understands my longing to be a writer again, and wistful for the same reasons.

You described perfectly how Lyme treatment can monopolize all our creative energy. So frustrating! I hope you are finding some small ways to keep art in your life.

I'd love to know more about you. What kind of music/art/writing do you do? How far are you into your treatment?

All the best,


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