Saturday, October 2, 2010


The Poet read at a bookstore on Capitol Hill this week. It was a pretty big reading, with many poets from the local press who publishes them. So "The Stranger", one Seattle's alternative weeklies, wrote the thing up on their blog. And The Poet, my poet, was the star of the review. Here's the closing paragraph (with his name changed so he can keep his anonymity on this blog):

"And for those who do not yet know: [Naomi's boyfriend, The Poet] is the shit. If you're looking for good local poetry, you should definitely seek out his new book. [The Poet] read a couple of short poems, and then closed out the night by reading a long poem by the late Harvey Goldner, the much-beloved Bard of Belltown. [The Poet] passed the poem around the room, and a number of the readers took a turn at a few stanzas. It was a touching impromptu tribute to a great talent, and a lovely close to the proceedings."

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