Thursday, November 5, 2009

MALM 2, Naomi 0

I put up a good fight, but in the end the dresser got the better of me.

On the second attempt to put my clothes in the thing I was still smelling the fumes, less of them, but enough to make me slightly ill and extremely irritable.

My recommendation to those with chemical sensitivity: don't buy a MALM dresser. I've had no trouble with anything else I've ever bought from IKEA, so I don't want to knock them. And anything from the MALM line that doesn't have drawers is probably going to be fine. It was the inside of the drawers that were invincible.

Instead of shoving the thing out the window in frustration, we've decided to put it in David's room. David will be here soon for Thanksgiving and he has no dresser so that is a useful thing to do with it.

As for a new dresser for myself, I am giving up for the time being. I feel too traumatized by the MALM to risk myself again on another that will probably just break my heart in the end.

Fortunately I never got rid of my old dresser (if it can be called that). It is truly the ugliest piece of furniture I own, perhaps the ugliest I have ever seen, but it doesn't give off sickening fumes and for that I am grateful. I put my clothes back in it today and it felt nice to have them organized again.

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